Why do some or all of my orders are unfilled?

Know why your smallcase orders are unfilled

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Here are some common scenarios where the order(s) end up being Unfilled/Partially Filled:

  • Sold on Axis Direct - If you have sold a smallcase stock directly on Kite, this information is not updated in your smallcase for privacy reasons. When you attempt to sell the stock again from your smallcase, this results in an unfilled order. Write to helpdesk@axisdirect.in with the sell details to reconcile your holdings.

  • Upper Circuit or Lower Circuit - Each stock has a price band which it can move, for a given day. So, when a stock's price hits the upper or lower circuit, respectively no more buy or sell orders can go through.

  • Insufficient funds while placing the orders - Although a funds-check is conducted when you place any order - prices might have changed resulting in a/some order(s) not getting filled.

💡 Good to know: You check reasons specific to your unfilled orders on the orders page, by clicking "See All Errors".

There are 2 actions you can take when you have unfilled orders:

  1. Repair - Repair will place the fresh orders for the unfilled ones.

  2. Archive - Archive completes the order by ignoring the unfilled orders.

If you're unable to repair the batch after multiple attempts, start a conversation with us from the chat box option at the bottom right corner or you also can email us on helpdesk@axisdirect.in

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